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I embarked on my real estate journey in 2003, initially serving as a broker assistant. Over time, my innate talents and dedication led to a transition into the role of Realtor in 2004. As I embraced the responsibilities of parenthood, my meticulous attention to detail and organizational skills propelled me into specializing in Real Estate Compliance Review.

As a compliance officer, I reviewed and approved fellow agent files to ensure state and federal compliance. Recognizing the pivotal role contracts and disclosures play in a real estate transaction, I’ve hosted contract classes to help other agents accurately interpret contracts to prevent their clients from facing unnecessary costly mistakes, stress, and potential lawsuits.

Celebrating my 21st year in the real estate industry and embracing the role of an empty nester, I’ve come full circle. With over two decades of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge, professional demeanor and expertise to every real estate transaction.

I am a trusted advocate and guide through all of the intricacies involved in the real estate process for my clients. You can rest assured knowing that your interests are prioritized and protected throughout your purchase or sale.

I am licensed in the states of Texas and California.

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Office: (214) 396.6579

Cell/Text: (818) 326.7682

5460 Berkshire Lane

Dallas, TX 75225

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